Poetry Walk in Lappersfortbos

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Get inspired on this short, relaxing poetry inside the small forest of Lappersfortbos featuring 21 poems by Herman J. Claeys, Marc de Bel, Melanie Vanbrughe and more.

Discover Dutch poems about forests and humanity along this relaxing stroll just off the main city centre of Bruges. Inside the small forest of Lappersfortbos, you’ll follow along the Hugo Clauspad walking trail in memory of the prolific Belgian author Hugo Claus who died 2008. Poets of the Lappersfort Poets Society wrote a poem after his death and the idea for a poetry walk evolved from there.

Lappersfortbos itself is only about 17 hectares, so it shouldn’t take you long to walk all the way through it. It’s been cut down and reduced over the years to make way for the city, but the poems and visitors keeps it alive. Take your time to stroll and read all the poems in this endangered forest.

  • Poems: the walk includes 21 poems by Marc de Bel, Patricia Lasoen, Frédéric Leroy, Johan de Boose, Peter Theunynck, Marcus Cumberlege, Hilde Keteleer, Paul Saccasyn, Wally de Doncker, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Lies van Gasse, Staf De Wilde, Steven Pollet, Luuk Gruwez, Paul Demets, Joris Denoo and our late dead poets Herman J. Claeys, Melanie Vanbrughe and Jotie T 'Hooft.
  • Walking Path: you’ll find a map of the forest online and at the start of the walk. Lappersfortbos is mostly used by locals for quiet, relaxing walks, dog walkers, and families reading the poems.
Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Poems only available in Dutch. To see them in English, you can find them online here

Getting There

  • By Car: short walk away from free P & R Steenbrugge
  • By Bike: close to junction 69 (Brugse Ommeland)
  • By Train: 2km from Bruges train station



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