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Looking for a fun getaway with the family? Belgium’s TV-inspired theme park promises a day of rides and rollercoasters that’ll leave you wanting to come back for more!

Built in 1935, this theme park can be found in De Panne, one of Belgium’s coastal cities. Originally, Plopsaland was known as ‘Meli Park’ before being changed in 1999 to Plopsaland. Meli Park was created by Alberic-Joseph Florizoone as a place where people could come to learn about bees and buy homemade honey. The park was sold to Studio 100, who owns several famous Flemish kids TV shows so they. gave the park a complete makeover and made the main attraction TV characters. Famous Belgian cartoon shows like Samson en Gert and Kabouter Plop became the new theme of this popular attraction.

There are over 52 attractions to choose from, including 6 roller coasters with funky names like:

  • Anubis the Ride
  • Heidi the Ride
  • The Ride to Happiness
  • Viktor’s Race
  • De Draak
  • K3 Roller Skater

If you start to get hungry, make sure to check out the selection of food stalls and restaurants around the park. For the grown-ups, there are also a few bars to grab a drink and relax in. The best part?

This theme park stays open year-round! The rides may look like a summer activity, but Plopsaland has a solution: Mayaland! This indoor theme park remains open during the winter months when the outdoor rides may be too cold to get on.

Updated on 8 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Got some extra time? The beach is only a short walk away!
  • Want to extend the fun? Plopsaland has a great hotel for guests to stay at.

Getting there

  • By Tram: close to tram station Plopsaland. Tram 0 stops here
  • By Car: Private parking is available to guests

T to F, 10:00 to 17:30. Sa to Su, 10:00 to 18:00


All seasons


Adults <1meter 15.50€, Kids (under 85cm) free, special discount rates available


Open; national COVID guidelines apply.

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