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Have you hit a plateau? Rise to new heights at the highest point in Luxembourg province. This natural beauty and photo spot is right in Baraque de Fraiture.

Plateau des Tailles clocks in at 652m, making it the second highest point in Belgium. This spot is perfect to see gorgeous, natural scenery like forest and bogs and big grassy plains. You can explore 3 to 9km walks (medium difficulty) across the plateau that have different starting points. Part of the Natura 2000 network, the plateau is a protected area and important for biodiversity. Escape out into nature to discover all kinds of butterflies and plants here. Fences protect recently planted trees, but other than that there’s hundreds of acres for you to wander.

A local blogger living in the area, Emeline from recommends the Fagne Sacrawe trek. This 6km walking trail has tons of info boards along the way to give you all the deets on the nature around Plateau des Tailles. Explore little wooden bridges, forest paths and cross villages on this nature walk.

  • Watch your step! the Plateau has some bogs. Those deep, muddy puddles can be a pain if you don’t watch your step.

  • Observation tower: the observation tower is a pretty tall, wooden tower - you can’t miss it. Get to the top for great views of nature

  • Natural vegetation: Rare and endangered plants grow around the plateau too like lingonberries. Either way, at the Plateau you're sure to see unique and hidden gems of nature in Belgium.

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    Check out the Fagne Sacrawe. Explore little wooden bridges, forest paths and cross villages on this nature walk.

Updated on 10 January 2022

Tips and Tricks

  • Watch out for the deep bogs here! Keep your dogs on a leash
  • Bring: good walking shoes and binoculars to spot the birds
  • Accessibility: Perfect for an all-terrain stroller
  • Food: you can make a stop at the Baraque de Fraiture for delicious Belgian fries

Getting There

  • By Car: 30 min drive from Barrage de Nisramont. Free parking at Fraiture N89, 6690 Vielsalm
  • By Public Transport: difficult to reach via public transport

Route details

Starting point: Fraiture N89, 6690 Vielsalm

  • Signage: follow the blue and white cross signs
  • No GPX file or map available. See here for further details



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