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Want a zoo that also feels like a park? Come see animals from 5 different continents in this nature heavy zoo

What sets this zoo aside from other zoos is the green expanses and the super animal friendliness. While walking through this zoo, it will feel like you’re walking through a super luscious green park. This super animal friendly park gives all the animals lots of space to play and walk around surrounded by loads of oxygenated greenery. This gives you the chance to look at our furry friends almost as if they were in their natural habitat. Furthermore, each animal’s enclosure tries to fit the theme of the natural animal's habitat.

The zoo is split into 5 different continents (Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and Asia) so you’ve got a big variety of animals to see here and it’s split up in a handy dandy organized way so you can plan your trip through the park. What animals are there? You’ll see red pandas, koalas, cheetahs and more in their 42 hectares (that’s 104 acres).

  • When it’s raining you can usually spot the animals in their lodges but it as you can expect it’s not quite the same
  • Check the daily programme on their website to see what events they’re doing at the zoo on the day of your visit. You might be able to see them feeding the animals
  • There’s plenty of zoos in Belgium but none of them are as kid friendly as Planckendael. They literally won the award for Child-friendliest Zoo’ at the Diamond Theme Park Awards
  • Planckendael is a bit more expensive to go compared to other zoos, and it does have less animals then others in the country but if you’re tired of urban zoos and want to escape for a day to some nature check out Planckendael.
  • Planning a family day out? Kids will also enjoy Technopolis (the science & tech museum) nearby. Or you could head over to UGC Cinemas in Mechelen to relax after a day of wandering around the zoo.
Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Entrance fee is not cheap and neither is the food. You’re better off bringing your own food and having a picnic.
  • You can get a free map of the zoo on their website, from one of the shops or where you buy your tickets

Getting There

  • By Car: two car parks available on site. 9€ for a day.
  • By Train: Planckendael Express at the Mechelen Train station. Runs from Easter til the end of September
  • By Bus: bus stop just outside the zoo. Buses 284, 285 and 686 stop here.

Open everyday, 9:00 to 17:30


All seasons


Adults 31€, Kids, 29.00€, special discount rates available


Open; national COVID guidelines apply

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