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Are you ready for a unique perspective of Mechelen off the beaten path? Floating down the canals could be the answer with SUP boarding!

See Mechelen from a whole new angle. Mechelen is said to be one of the 5 major art cities of Flanders along with Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, and Leuven. These artsy cities bring in 3.6 million tourists. So while it is clear this city is recognised for its value in historical art and many more qualities, wouldn’t it be interesting to see it from a different perspective than these many other tourists?

That’s where SUP - stand up paddleboarding - can really get you that unique and memorable experience. This region of Benelux has no shortage of beautiful canals and boardwalks running through the cities, adding to that urban rustic charm.

  • SUP boarding is getting more popular in Belgium. Try it out in Mechelen’s beautiful canals with Pacific Supschool.

  • Charming canals: Mechelen has all the pretty canals you need without the tourist crowds of Amsterdam or even Bruges, which always has tons of boat tours. Get a quieter boat trip on a guided tour of Mechelen with your group.

Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Reserve your space online

  • This activity is not as difficult as you think. You can sit on your knees if you want

  • Bring the fam along with the kids! This is child friendly.

  • It is recommended to wear summery and light clothing if the weather permits.

  • Be careful not to fall ;)

Getting There

  • The meeting point is at the Via Via Reiscafé at Zandpoortvest 50.

  • By Car: parking available at Zandpoortvest

  • By Bus: the bus stop is right in front of the meeting point Mechelen Zandpoortvest


Until 3rd Oct; 11:00 to 18:00



  • The long trip (1.5 hours on the water) 25€ per adult, 15€ per child (up to 16 years)
  • The short trip (1h on the water) 20€ per adult, 10€ per child (up to 16 years)

  • Children up to 7 years of age can join an adult's board for free


Open; national COVID guidelines apply.

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