Museum-Gallery Xpo Salvador Dalí
Musée Dali Bruges

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Say goodbye to drab, minimalistic galleries. Fall down the rabbit hole at this museum and gallery of Salvador Dali’s artwork in Bruges.

Dali art & Bruges? Who would've thought! But, yes, Dali's quirky art has found its match in Bruges. Salvador Dali was a surrealist artist. You probably know him from that one painting of melting clocks, but he made tons of more art throughout his life. The Museum Gallery Xpo Salvador Dali in the heart of Bruges will give you more info on his life and show you art by him you probably haven’t seen before. Inside the cloth halls, you’ll see one of the biggest private collections of Dali’s art.

A Museum Inspired by Salvador Dalí

What art did Dali make? He did everything from weird paintings to the Chupa Chups logo. The museum switches up their collections each year to really keep up variety. They have plenty of art (graphics, statues, etc.) on display. Take your time to explore them all or get the audio tour for more info. The expo gallery isn’t the white, minimalistic place you’re used to instead. No, the Dali museum in Brugge is inspired by Dali's art, complete with mirrors and quirky lighting.

  • Weird Art: if you love surreal art or just looking to see something different, this gallery is for you. It features More obscure works of Dali, rather than focusing on popular ones. Whether you’re a dire hard Dali fan or just looking for a museum in Bruges to visit, you’ll find something interesting here
  • Highlights: check out the illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland, and his more risqué sketches.
Updated on 11 February 2022

Tips and Tricks

  • Some of Dali’s art can get a bit risqué, so think about how many awkward questions you wanna answer before bringing younger kids along!
  • You can buy prints of Dali’s art in the shop here
  • Going on an arts and culture ride? Check out the concert hall Concertgebouw Circuit. If you’re into the strange and unusual, try out the Torture Museum
  • Book your Museum-Gallery Xpo Salvador Dalí tickets here.

Getting There

  • By Car: close to car park Parking Biekorf
  • By Bike: close to bike parking area Fietsenparking Centrum
  • By Bus: close to bus stop Brugge Wollestraat. Buses 1, 88, and 91 stop here

Open everyday, 10:00 to 18:00


All seasons


Adults 10€, Kids (under 12) free, special discount rates available


Open. Reserve a timeslot on their website

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