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Challenge yourself to an adventurous hike around the Ourthe rivers. Trek for 5km along the rocky cliffs of Le Hérou and explore the Ardennes

What’s that massive rock just around the corner? That’s Le Hérou, a 1400m long rock running across the Ourthe River through the beautiful Ardennes region. Explore the gorgeous Ardennes from above for THE best photos on a 5km trek. A lot hikes happen right here, but this 5km has a daredevil option and a family friendly option to suit every type of hiker.

Discover beautiful views of the Ardennes on this 5km walk and loop of Le Hérou. Start off your journey in Nadrin village, then head off-road for your first peek of the beautiful views of the Ardennes. Follow along the sign posted green squares for even more views of the Ourthe river. The path will take you up to a rock and viewing point where you have the option to:

  • Let out your inner daredevil: Once you're up top you have the option of climbing up the rock if you're up for a little bit of adventure.
  • Safe and sound: If you're with the kids or just opting for the safer route, go around and enjoy the view of the rock from a different angle. Perfect for families looking to avoid the cliffs, but still want an awesome hike experience.

Then, trek on down to the bottom to see the Ourthe river. The hike is fairly flat from here on out, but there’s plenty of rocks and riverbanks to dance around. You get a great 1km of the Ourthe before the walk circles you back around to the village.

  • quatationmark

    This hike is for daredevils only and gives you the BEST panorama of the whole Ardennes. Ok maybe I am a bit biased as this is my favorite place in the Ardennes but you will see this view is just gorgeous.

    — Emeline, Belgian blogger at

Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Bring own food & drink as no cafe here
  • Distance: 5 km, only for kids older than 7 years old
  • What to bring: good walking shoes, possibility to swim in the Ourthe river and a big bottle of water

Getting There

  • By Car: parking available on site at Ardenne Parkeerplaats Nadrin. Also free parking available at Restaurant Le Bélvèdere in Nadrin

Route details

Starting point: same as address

  • Signage: follow the green squares
  • No GPX file or map available.
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