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This grand market square is for sure touristy at times, but wander around a bit and you can discover some gems while enjoying the lovely scenery.

Grote Markt is an impressive sight to see. We’re not going to lie, it can be a tourist trap at times, but the trick is to discover the sights around. On the square itself, you’re surrounded by historic buildings such as the grand town hall (under construction) making it a bustling hub of history and beauty.

  • The secret gem to discover here is the alleys around the square. Walk to the north and venture into the quiet alleys (towards the Kuipersstraat) and walk past the Museum Vleeshuis; here you will find some beautiful historic buildings that transport you back in time plus the Cathedral of Our Lady
  • Have you ever wondered where the name Antwerp comes from? The Brabo Fountain has the answers! See Roman hero of legend Silvius Brabo throwing a giant’s hand. Antwerp literally means hand throw.
  • Make sure to check out Steen Castle - it’s less than a 5 minute walk away. It might be the oldest building in Antwerp, but it’s aged gracefully! It’s one of the best photo spots around.
  • quatationmark

    As is a tradition, right after our wedding, we had some early morning beers in “Den Engel”, which is the traditional bar right next to the city hall

    — Joris, Antwerp local

Updated on 6 January 2022

Tips and Tricks

  • Wander a bit beyond the square and you’ll find a few winding streets that will make your walk into an adventure. To the south you’ll find nearby shops, cafes and sights and to the north, you'll find little alleys with beautiful historical buildings.
  • Relax and enjoy your time in the square in one of the outdoor cafes. There are a few fish & seafood restaurants around the corner with outdoor seating (and heating) near the cathedral that are ones to check out.
  • Street musicians often play around the square. Enjoy the music on a casual stroll.
  • Grote Markt hosts a seasonal Christmas market with stunning decorations and over 100 amazing stalls that you have to see.

Getting There

  • By Car: car park Parking Meir - Interparking is the closest one to the Grote Markt. It’s 20€ for a whole day. If you’re after free parking, check further outside the city
  • By Bus: tons of buses pass nearby here - 180, 181, 22, 621, 640, 720



All seasons




Open. For Christmas, the Joe Xmas House is open.

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