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Pick up your spray cans or camera and enjoy Ghent’s colourful street art collection. Wander down ‘Graffiti Alley’ or delve deeper with the city’s “Sorry Not Sorry” street art tour.

Ghent isn't just another picturesque European city - juxtaposed against its historic old town is a vast collection of vibrant, modern street art. Buildings throughout the city are adorned with over 140 striking murals, mostly from local artists, as well featured works from international artists.

Werregarenstraat - aka ‘Graffiti Alley’, Ghent’s most famous street art location, is a living public gallery, opened to street artists in 1995. Every now and again the alley walls are painted white, giving artists a blank canvas. You’ll see a range of art styles as you walk down the street because everyone is allowed to put their mark on it. The ever-changing nature of Werrengarenstraat means you’ll never see the same thing twice! It is located in Ghent’s historic centre, connecting the streets of Hoogpoort and Onderstraat and is a short walk from Korenmarkt.

The graffiti-friendly city features street art 'tolerance zones' where artists are free to express themselves, however art can be found all over the city and its suburbs.

  • Graffiti Alley is a quick visit and is good as a spot along the way to visit as part of your day or street art tour. It’s a convenient spot to visit if street art is your thing or if you want to see something different as it’s in the main town.
  • Want to see more? Ghent has 4 graffiti 'tolerance zones' to visit: Werregarenstraat, Kiezerviaduct, Denderlaan and Grindbakken.
  • If you're into urban photography, Ghent is your playground...and even if you're not, you're guaranteed to get some pretty cool shots for Instagram.

Fallen in love with street art? Take a graffiti tour around the city by downloading the “Sorry, Not Sorry" street art map, alternatively you can pick up a hard copy at the Visit Ghent tourist office or Cultuur Gent. A self-guided tour of these works will take you out of the bustling city centre and off the beaten tourist track to the outskirts of the Belgian city. Some of the artworks are quite well hidden, so you can end up feeling like you’re on a little treasure hunt – which is half the fun!

Or use this cool, interactive map to pinpoint the works you really want to see and then plan your route around that.

Updated on 1 July 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Graffiti Street is a popular spot for tourists and is included in most walking tours of the city. But, you can book guided street art tours for a more convenient way of viewing the city’s large street art collection, bike and walking tours are available.
  • Purchase a Ghent City Card if you plan on seeing a lot - included in the price is travel on all trams and buses in the city centre, bike rental (for one day), a guided boat tour and the use of Ghent hop-on/hop-off water tram (for one day). Two cards are available: the 48 hour, costing 36€, and the 72 hour card, costing 42€. They can be purchased at the Visit Ghent Tourist Office or any De Lijn sales point.

Getting There

  • By Car: close to parking garage Parking Vrijdagmarkt
  • By Bus: short walk away from bus stop Gent Sint-Jacobs perron 3. Buses 3, 38, 39, 52 and many more stop here



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Free (If you book private tour prices vary)



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