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In the suburbs of Antwerp, unlock the secrets of Antwerp’s former defenses. Stroll along on the idyllic path around the moat of the fort and enjoy its picturesque which will bring you back to its 19th century origins.

Step back in history! The days of stronghold strategy might be over, but you can still see this awesome fortress located in Antwerp’s suburb, Edegem. Antwerp used to have eight fortresses surrounding the whole city to defend it and they were all connected by one hell of a city wall.

The highlight of the park is really its small walking path that goes along the moat on the inside of the park. Be sure to check this out, only walkers are allowed here and it's a bit of a tight squeeze. You'll pass through the outside of the fort gates and get some cool shots.

  • Fort 5 was taken by Germany in WWII after heavy fire. Even after everything it's been through this fort is still standing strong.
  • Unlock the full secrets of this fort’s chambers and cannon cellars on a guided tour! Get a tour by dropping them an email
  • The fort was actually used by the German army for storage until the Liberation of Antwerp in 1944
  • Surrounded by a quiet park with a children’s play area, the walk around is about 3-5 km
  • Fort 4 and 6 aren’t too far away, but Fort 6 is not as in good condition. Still, if you like exploring then a visit to all three is right up your alley
  • Enjoy a short charming walk around the small lake nearby or wrangle the kids and head over to the playground.

This place is especially great for the kiddos as you can wander through the gates of the fort, check out the playground and there are play stations scattered throughout the park, including a tree house, a large round swing, etc. Bonus - there's a long slide they're sure to love as well.

For all you runners, there's also an outdoor gym station with one activity per station as you run along. Good luck jumping on those monkey bars!

  • quatationmark

    Make sure to check out the inner walking trail that walks along the fort - either for a quick jog or a walk, this is a good quick city-getaway

    — Zoe, has done a jog or two here

Updated on 11 January 2022

Tips and Tricks

  • Great for jogging on your own or a casual stroll with the family
  • You’re allowed inside the fort at certain times of the year, so check their website for more info
  • Or you can book a guided tour two weeks ahead of time yourself. You can book a guided tour by email. You pay 1€ when you arrive. It does depend on demand so they can say no!
  • Dogs are allowed but have to be kept on leashes

Getting There

  • By Car: near to car park Carpool Wilrijk. Easy to park at; there's multiple parking lots that are easy to find around the park.
  • By Bus: near bus stop Wilrijk De Burletlaan. Bus 32 stops here

Open everyday, 6:45 to 21:00


All seasons


Free, 1€ per person for a tour


Open; national COVID guidelines apply.

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