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Explore the historic fort in the park and its seven museums. Yes, seven! So get your walking shoes on. This is the best fort to learn all about Antwerp’s forts

Antwerp is surrounded by 8 historic forts and this is one you can’t miss. Go to Fort 2 to see the amazingly well-preserved piece of history or chill in the park. Try getting some peace and quiet by walking around the canal. It’s a great place for joggers, and walkers.

On a tour of the fort, you get to walk through its corridors and learn all its secrets. The tours are in Dutch. Still, if you know the lingo and got the time then go for it 100%. Otherwise, the outside of the fort is definitely worth a look while you’re at the park. Book a tour on their website

There’s tons of museums here (we’re not kidding there’s legit seven). The most well-known is their cannon gallery. Fort 2 is the best fort to visit in Antwerp if you really want to know the history of the forts, but the others aren’t too far away.

Fort 4 in Mortsel is a great spot to visit to get some summer vibes at the summer bar or see the local community at the flea market. Fort Lillo isn’t far away either; this is the only fort in Antwerp to have a village inside it. Check it out to see great views of the Scheldt.

  • Fort 2 is also a popular park for music events and local fairs. They’ve hosted rock bands like QOTSA and held antique fairs too. You really can do a bit of everything here
  • Fort 2’s park is filled with life and we don’t just mean the people. Keep your eyes peeled for bats in the darker corners of the park, if that’s your thing (wouldn’t be mine but hey to each their own).
  • Athletes and casual runners should check out the football fields and athletic track here.
Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

Getting There

  • By Car: parking available on site
  • By Bus: bus stop Wommelgem Fort II-straat. Buses 421 and 422 stop here
  • By Bike: bike parking area available on site

Open everyday, 8:00 to 17:00


All seasons




Open; national COVID guidelines apply.

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