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Nieuwpoort’s local fish market on Mondays and Saturdays by the docks. Yummy fresh fish!

Want to try Niewpoort’s local food? You’re in the right place. This coastal town is known for its fish market. Right by the docks and super close to convenient parking, the market is one stop you can’t miss on your stroll around the city. Take a peek into all the stalls to discover all kinds of fresh fish. Join in on the auction bright and early for the freshest pick and good deals!

The fish market of Nieuwpoort happens every Monday and Saturday. New to the city? It’s worth checking out the local tours starting at 9:30. Meet by the town hall to get your guide and join the group. The guide will show you around the docks and highlights of the market. The guide will help you out at the fish auction too. Good for newcomers and morning people! Only available from June to September, though, and you do have to pay for the guide.

The fish market auction is held inside the Vismijn hall. As well as outdoor market stalls, you’ll discover many fishmonger shops along the dock. So, even if you can’t make it to the market itself you can still drop by the docks on a regular day and still get fresh fish. One of the more well-known fish shops is Vishandel Gaetane.

Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • The fish market guided tours are a decent option for newcomers and fish fanatics! Find out booking info on the fish market guided tours here
  • It’s best to come to the fish market as early as you can to pick up the freshest fish

Getting There

  • By Car: close to Parking Kaai
  • By Bus: 7 min walk from bus stop Nieuwpoort Stad. Buses 41, 68 and 69 stop here
  • By Tram: 7 min walk from tram stop Nieuwpoort Stad. Tram 0 stops here

M, Su, 7:00 to 13:00


All seasons




Open; national COVID guidelines apply.