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Expeditie Bilzen

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Explore Bilzen’s stunning countryside. Think: forests, castles, art, least one of these walks will pique your interest, so get those walking boots on and get out there.

Tourism Bilzen have put on 2 long-distance walks that’ll take you all over Bilzen, showcasing the interesting history and beautiful nature on offer there. These walks all begin and end at the old town hall on the Markt in Bilzen. With an average of 25km, these routes are long, so they’re recommended for our more enthusiastic or experienced walkers! Come prepared for a fun day of trekking past stunning landscapes, local art, impressive Limburgian heritage and through lush forests.

Each loop has a theme. Are you looking for more history and culture? Or are you looking to soak up some nature and get out into the wilderness? Whatever you fancy, one of these walks will satisfy all your trekking desires.

  • Loop 1: ‘Art and Castles’ (24.7 km) - Follow the signposts that take you south-east through the countryside, past local art and around the ruins of a 14th century fort. Alden Biesen’s Grand Commandery is the highlight of this walk. The castle has a history spanning over 800 years and was once the headquarters for a grand commander of German Order of the Teutonic Knights, hence its name.
  • Loop 2: ‘Rural Beauty’ (26.1 km) - Leaving the town towards the north-west takes you up towards Genk. On this walk you’ll pass through green parks, past a quaint water mill and through the ‘Waterfall forest’. This takes you to another of Bilzen’s stunning historical landmarks - Kasteel van Schoonbeek. It is known as the water castle (“waterkasteel” in Dutch) because the Renaissance building is surrounded ponds and a moat, making it quite the sight.

As you explore the beautiful surroundings you’ll be able to easily follow the sign-posts which will guide you along the way. Just be sure to remember which one you’re following, we wouldn’t want anyone getting lost.

Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

Getting There

  • By Car: 10 min walk from free long term parking spaces De Kimpel, Eikenlaan, and Parking Police, Schureveld.
  • By Train: 10 min walk from Bilzen station.

Route details

  • Map available for free download here. For you mobile users, install the RouteYou app and scan one of the three QR codes, each corresponding to an Expedition Bilzen walk. This will take you to the RouteYou website where you click on the green download button at the top of the page and from there you will be directed to view your chosen route in the RouteYou app. Alternatively, desktop users should follow the link above and click the link next to each QR code to find a map of the route you want which can be printed out.
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