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You’ve got 60 minutes to collect the clues and solve the mystery. Choose your quest and group up for an escape room. Whether you succeed or fail, you’re gonna have an awesome adventure

Get ready to collect clues and solve the mystery in the escape rooms. The two escape rooms are available in English, Dutch and French!

You and your friends can be members of the mafia, hunting down a family secret for your boss. Or you can be a medieval adventure group, looking for a missing coat of arms.

Whatever quest you choose, you’ll have 60 minutes to find what you’re looking for. Piece together the clues with your group of friends or family to solve the mystery. Great for groups of friends, family activities, and even for coworker team bonding.

Quest Outdoors: Escapegame Comines currently offer a quest where you explore the city by bike to find the clues. Perfect to see Comines in a whole new way. Check their website for more info on availability

  • Com'in & Escape: medieval galore. Find the missing coat of arms in 60 mins. Best for groups of 2 - 6 players, over 8 years old. The best room for beginners.
  • Escape Al Capone: find the mafia family secret before the goons come and get you! You’ve got one hour. Best for groups of 3 - 6, over 12 years old. This is the more challenging room, but just as fun.
  • Once you’re finished in the escape room, you get to have a group photo in full dress up as mafia members or in medieval-style costumes.
  • Escape Games Comines is in a quieter area not too far from Comines-Warneton city. Drive to the city after escaping to celebrate and grab a bite to eat
Updated on 8 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Their Com'in & Escape room is the easier one to complete, but still offers a challenge! Perfect for families or a couple looking for an interesting date
  • Escape rooms are available in multiple languages (English, Dutch and French) just make sure to specify the right one when you book online!

Getting There

  • By Car: parking available on site.
  • By Bus: No direct bus. 20 min walk from Comines/Komen Station

Open everyday, 9:00 to 22:00


All seasons


20€ per person for the escape rooms. 100€ plus 5€ per person for the outdoor quest



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