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Bathe in the sunshine and sea on the most natural part of Belgium’s coastline.

We know it’s hard to pick where to go for a beach day out. Belgian’s coastline is known for large boardwalks and beach bars - which are definitely fun when the occasion calls for it. However, when you just want the good’ol beach, sit your toes in the sand, wind in your hair and gaze into the depths of the ocean, Bredene is your spot.

It’s perfect when you want something less touristy and fancy a swim. Bring the kids along for a family day out at the beach and a picnic.

To get to Bredene’s beach, you’ll have to cross over the dunes. Unlike the rest of the coast, nature has been left to do it’s thing here. Say goodbye to touristy promenades. Instead, you’ve got great views of the beach from every angle.

Get Active on Bredene Beach

The beach has tons of space for sports too, plus a surfing club. Get active by paying a visit to the Twins Club on the beach. They do surfing, yachting and power biking. Lessons for kids and group of friends are available too, but it’s best to book ahead on their website

You’re allowed to go swimming in the sea here, just remember to check the flags first. As long as the flags are all green. If it’s red or yellow, best stick to sunbathing! Its a tough job, we know.

Beach Walks

Enjoy the sea air. Follow the signs to the small walking path for pedestrians only, so you can enjoy a relaxing stroll in between the great scenery of the dunes and sea

The beach is close to the city of Ostend which has even more pretty beaches and the famous Fort Napoleon. Walking to Ostend from the Bredene beach is 5km round trip. The last bit to Ostend is the best part, since you get to rest your feet on the free ferry ride. Check the ferry’s timetable here

Dog Friendly

Bredene Beach is fantastic for dog owners! Dogs are allowed all year in the first section on Parklaan/Driftweg as long as they’re on a leash. They’ll love digging their paws into the sand.

Totally dog friendly for most of the year, in the peak season dogs aren't allowed on Bredene's beaches between 10:30 and 18:30. From the 1st of July to the 1st of September, if you're bringing along man's best friend, stick to an early morning or evening visit.

Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • The 3rd section of the beach (on Marketplein) is the most wheelchair friendly
  • Check over the beach rules to get full details on where/when dogs are allowed and the facilities
  • How busy is Bredene Beach? This handy tool lets you check the levels of activity at Belgian beaches.

Getting There

  • By Car: large, free car park 15 min walk from the beach at Ankerstraat 2
  • By Bus: bus 0 stops at bus stops Bredene Campings and Bredene Aan Zee. Both are about a 15 min walk from the beach.



All seasons, limited in winter




All club activities are on hold. You must keep your distance of 1.5m, wear a mask and wash your hands

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