Bayehon Waterfall Hike
La Cascade du Bayehon

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Do go chasing waterfalls on this 12.6km hike through the stunning nature of Malmedy.

You’ll feel like you fell right into a Hans Christian Andersen fairy-trail (geddit?) as you make your way through valleys and moors and past rivers and waterfalls. Starting from the mill in the village, after a steep descent you’ll be walking along the river Bayehon which forms one of East Belgium’s most beautiful landscapes. Climb the hill and listen to the roar from the impressive Cascade du Bayehon before it comes into view. This is probably the reason you did the hike so go ahead and take your photos, but it’s not over yet.

The trail continues on past fir trees and through the moor, all the way towards the sources of the Bayehon itself with the noise of the waterfall a distant memory as you arrive at Fagne de Setay. The cascade is by all means the cherry on top of this hike (the fact it’s named after it is our first clue) but the changing character of the plateau and trail itself is definitely something to remember.

  • Cascade du Bayehon is 9 metres high and claims to be the second most important waterfall in Belgium (after Coo). Don’t ask us why.
  • The waterfall will be more impressive after a few days of rain so if you’re lucky enough to time it well, it’s worth it.
  • Follow the MDY 01 signage: a red rectangle and deer logo. A sign marks the beginning of the hike from the starting point.
  • The trail is 12.6km and should take you around 3.5 hours to complete.
  • There is an old Oak Tree that has been greeting hikers for centuries close to the waterfall. Follow signs to ‘Vieux Chêne’ if you want to be the next!
Updated on 8 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • What to bring: suitable hiking shoes, a rain jacket (always be prepared!) and a camera.
  • If you’re bringing the pup, they must stay on a lead.
  • Stop at the Moulin du Bayehon restaurant if you fancy a drink or something to eat after the hike.

Getting there

  • By Car: car park at Moulin du Bayehon
  • By bus: Bus stop OVIFAT Eglise is 1.8km away. Bus 748 stops here

Route details

  • Starting point: Route du Bayehon
  • Signage: red rectangle and deer logo
  • Map available from here
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