Basilica of the Holy Blood

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Tucked away in the centre of Bruges, this 12 century basilica is famous for its supposed Holy Blood of Christ. See the holy relic for yourself

Built in the 12th century, you won’t find another chapel that is this pretty or well-preserved anywhere else nearby. Take a moment to enjoy the architecture and art, before settling into your seat. Everyday, they take out the relic of Holy Blood to show visitors.

Is the Holy Blood in Bruges real? Is it actually the blood of Jesus? Well, the story goes that disciple Joseph of Arimathea prepared Christ’s body for crucifixion and collected a bit of blood on a cloth while he was at it. This blood was then brought to Belgium by the Count of Flanders and is now on display in Bruges. While it's hard to know if this really is what happened, it is tale believed by many. Check out the upper chapel of the Basilica to see that story told out in a beautiful mural.

Believer or not, the sight of the blood is pretty special, but it's the annual parade that locals and tourists alike mark on their calendar. The Holy Blood Procession has been happening since 1303. They re-enact Bible scenes in full, stunning medieval costumes with animals too. Yup, we’re talking camels. Sheep. The works. If you wanna see this traditional and popular parade, check out the Basilica of Holy Blood on Ascension Day.

  • See the Holy Blood: you can see the relic of Holy Blood everyday at 11:30 and 14:00. It’s taken out to be shown as part of worship. The blood is contained in a perfume bottle that, according to modern experts, dates back to the 12th or 13 century from around Constantinople (aka İstanbul, Turkey). You can also see it in the museum.
  • Basilica Museum: learn and see just a bit more at the little museum inside the Basilica. The relic is usually on display here when not around worship times. There’s rare religious art here plus a bit more info on the Basilica itself
Updated on 8 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Photography is not allowed inside the Basilica
  • It’s popular! On super busy days you might be queuing a while (like, an hour) to get in
  • Near the also popular Belfry of Bruges. If you wanna see more religious artwork, go to St. John’s Hospital to see the famous St. Ursula Shrine

Getting There

  • By Car: short walk away from car park Underground Parking
  • By Bus: short walk away from bus stop Brugge Wollestraat. Buses 1, 88, and 91 stop here

9:00 to 12:00, 14:00 to 17:00


All seasons


Basilica: free

Museum: Adults 2,50€, Kids (under 12) free


Open everyday from 10:00 to 17:00, except on Sunday morning. Sunday Mass is streamed online. Check their website for more information

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