Biking through the trees at Bosland

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Love biking? Enjoy riding this elevated circular path high up in the trees - and be "one with nature".

This 700m circular path in Bosland was designed to give you the feeling that you're cycling above the trees. Grab your bike or your mountain bike and enjoy several paths extending beyond the circular path and get those legs moving!

For the bikers, several biking routes are available and detailed here on this page, it's only in Dutch but the maps are easy to read regardless the language.

Updated on 25 November 2021

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to go early morning or on a weekday to avoid crowds.
  • Rent a bike here - this is possible between April and September.
  • More info can be found official website - only in Dutch
  • If you want to just visit the circular elevated path - you can park in Pijnven, Kiefhoekstraat 16 in Hechtel-Eksel. From the parking you can bike via a bike path to the path node #272.]

Getting There

  • By Car: parking available nearby at Parking De Schans
  • By Bike: biking through the trees is on the Limburg cycling route network at junction # 272
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