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Slow Travel Explained Simply

All your questions about slow travel answered

This is your one-stop-shop for all things slow travel. What is slow travel? How to slow travel? Why have we decided to make the first slow travel guide? All of your burning slow travel questions are answered here. 

What is ‘slow travel’?

Slow travel is a more laid-back form of travelling. Rather than jam-packed itineraries and jumping from one place to the next, slow travel emphasizes going local, connecting with the culture and going off the beaten track to really discover what a place is about.  This way, you get a richer travel experience that will have a lasting impact.

Fun fact: The movement was inspired by the original slow food movement which began in Italy in the 80s as a protest against a MacDonald’s opening in Rome.

Remember! It is not about spending months exploring a city or country, but about how you spend whatever time you have.

Why is slow travel important?

Slow travel is important because it encourages us to get more out of our trips while being more responsible travellers. It tells us to slow down a bit and really experience where we are. Get beyond the touristy stuff, discover hidden gems and embrace the local lifestyle and culture. 

Slow travel is about enhancing our own experiences while giving back to local communities and being mindful of how our actions affect the planet.

How do I start slow travelling?

Start by getting into the slow travel mindset. Focus on what you’re experiencing, not how many experiences you have. Don’t feel pressured to see and do everything. Explore at your own pace and live in the moment. Take opportunities to engage with the local people and culture. Seek out hidden gems and those places off the beaten path. Don’t worry though! You can still see those must-see museums or a well-chosen tourist hotspot that interests you.

When you can, travel by foot or bike when you’re in a city and opt for trains and buses to get from one place to the next if you can. Travel mindfully and as sustainably as you can. These are just some ways you can start introducing a slow travel style into your trips. 

Who is slow travel for?

Slow travel is for anyone and everyone. Embrace slow travel **when and how you can**. You don’t need tons of time or money nor does it mean you need to sacrifice comfort or style. Slow travel is even for families! Your kids can take the time to expand their imagination, learn all about the local culture and explore nature. .

Where can I slow travel?

You can slow travel anywhere in the world! Wherever you find yourself you can embrace a slow travel mindset. Slow travel encourages you to pick one country and really explore it, get off the beaten tourist path and live like a local.

Don’t forget, you can slow travel in your own country too! There will always be places to explore close to home. We bet there are plenty of hidden gems in your own country for you yet to discover.

Why has Live the World hopped on board the slow travel train?

Simply put, we’re passionate about getting more out of our travels and wanted to share that with our fellow travelers. Discovering a place one activity at a time, rather than rushing through gives you a truly different travel experience. We’ve built up our platform with this in mind so you can easily explore a place step by step.  

At Live the World we want to support the local people and places that give us these amazing experiences and make sure that they are still here for our fellow future travelers to explore.

We’re lucky to live in a time where people can experience all the world has to offer, but we want to be mindful of exactly how we do this. We could all do with slowing down a little! Whether that’s in our daily lives, in our travels or how we interact with the world around us. Don’t ya think?

Where can I plan my slow travel?

Right here...if we do say so ourselves!

We are the first slow travel guide and are working to create the ultimate slow travel platform to help you get the most out of your trips. Discover activities you want to do, find all the best hidden gems, and get local tips. Check out our [map] to see where you can already begin your slow travel journey with us.

Please bear with us if your dream travel destination isn’t there just yet; we’re working on it! Follow us on [Instagram] and [Facebook] to be the first to know when new destinations are released.

In the meantime let us know which country you want us to cover next or if you think there’s something we’re missing or if there is any way we could improve (see contact form below!)

Want to know more? Check out our super in-depth 'Ultimate Guide to Slow Travel’.

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